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Well, we love seafood! And so should you, if you're advised to lose weight on the renal diet.

Pre-dialysis patients are often asked to limit protein intake in their renal diet. One of the recommended proteins for the renal diet is lean seafood.

Baked Tilapia for the renal diet
Baked Tilapia with Mushrooms

We have some great choices like Cod with Lemon Caper Sauce, Crabcakes with Lemony Rice Pilaf, Mango Ginger Mahi-Mahi and 2 salmon choices!

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We also have other choices with different lean proteins like Pepper Steak, Spaghetti dinner, BBQ Chicken Breast and Chicken & Apple Curry.

Our Beginnings

Our parent company,, has been delivering nutritious, delicious, healthy chef-prepared meals for several years. What we heard over and over from customers was that they had relatives or friends who had diabetes or other health issues, and those people needed a meal service designed specifically for the patient.

So our co-founders, Michelle and Greg, took on that challenge. They told our chefs: work with nutritionists and create meals that are delicious and tempting, but are within the conditions sent forth for most renal patients. Our chefs are the best, and they came through!


BBQ chicken for the renal diet

BBQ Chicken for the renal diet


Pepper steak dinner for the renal diet

Pepper Steak Dinner for the renal diet

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